Saturn Ring Swing

Saturn Ring Swing

Cosmic Ring Swing 25″ x 25″

Cosmic Ring Swing 25″ x 25″. Experimenting with some new colors and design concepts Josh painted each of the raised rings different colors in each of the 9 tiles, creating a swirling effect. Over 10 colors were used.

Saturn Ring Swing
Saturn Ring Swing

Project Specs


8″ x 8″
24″ x 24″

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Purchased tiles from them after careful research and communication to owner. His prompt response and beautiful tile made the choice easy. He was kind enough to give installation advice.

- Anonymous


We first saw Josh’s work while attending Art-a-Whirl… He was very quick to guide us through the process and created 15 or so tiles for us to choose the 9 we needed for our grouping… we could not be happier with the process and product!

- Scott E