Saturn Ring Swing

Saturn Ring Swing

Cosmic Ring Swing 25″ x 25″

Cosmic Ring Swing 25″ x 25″. Experimenting with some new colors and design concepts Josh painted each of the raised rings different colors in each of the 9 tiles, creating a swirling effect. Over 10 colors were used.

Saturn Ring Swing
Saturn Ring Swing

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8″ x 8″
24″ x 24″

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We picked out a set of Josh’s comic tiles for a wall display in our living room. We needed a few more so we commissioned him to create the remaining. Some that we commissioned were unique so we had to explain what we wanted. Josh did an amazing job of creating what we asked for. The outcome is a feature in our living room these attracts lots of compliments.

- bryan_jeannelson


The customer service at ClaySquared is excellent! Josh was unfailingly helpful, the sample service was great, and the delivery was next-to-instantaneous.

- Wendie Schneider