Our Crew



Louise Harty

Louise is the design and tech side of the company. When she's answering phones she is always updating the Clay Squared website and social media to make Clay Squared look awesome. She is an integral part of the team making diagrams of our patterns and projects to help our customers visualize their projects. She has a degree in Graphic Design with a concentration in Animation.



Maddy Heywood

Maddy has taken on the shipping of our handmade tiles, sample packs, catalogs, and Layl's Silly Millies. She makes sure our sample tiles get shipped promptly with all of our literature and planning guides. Maddy's an illustrator and is pursuing a BA in studio arts, and she also spends the majority of her spare time making costumes for Cosplay. Recently she's been working on her core strength by lifting heavy boxes of tiles all day (bending her knees of course).



Mary Kohanek

Mary is the organizer of the team. She makes sure we have enough of all our supplies, samples, and boxes! When she's not counting tiles she is answering the phone or helping a customer find their dream tile. Mary is the newest member of tea-loving employees at Clay Squared; as long as it has caffeine!



Randy Johnson

Randy has an extensive art and clay background. Graduating from MCAD, a photographer, painter, and a doscent at the MIA. Randy also has worked at many potteries and tile places in Minneapolis notably 212 Pottery, Dock 6 Pottery, and North Prairie Tileworks. His extensive background in art and clay has been very helpful to jump right into projects and working in the studio.


Sam  Huset

Sam is the newest member of the Clay Squared Crew. He has a degree in Welding, Machining, and Applied Sciences from Dunwoody College Of Technology. Right now he is helping us with loading and unloading the kilns but we can't wait to start having him weld cool stuff for us. When he is not in the studio he is welding, reading, or playing video games.



Brix the Corgi

Brix was born up in Burnett County, Wisconsin and was a resident at their local Humane Society until his new owner Louise found him and brought him to his new home. Brix loves to get pet, cuddles, and sleeping. He can sleep through all the tile making and packing that is done here at Clay Squared and only wakes up for food or cuddles. He is a great addition to the Clay Squared crew.

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