Environmental Policy

It is in our express interest to maintain not only high-quality standards of production, but also commitment to the environmental impact of our products. Our ceramic tile embodies several key components consumers seek out when searching for greener material. When choosing green materials and products people should look for high levels of renew-ability, reusability, and durability.  In contrast, people should look for low levels of embodied energy, extraction energy, excess transport materials, environmental degradation as well as negative effects on outdoor and indoor environments.

Made in Minneapolis Minnesota

Long life cycle / 100 years plus

No VOC’s ( Volatile organic compounds)


15% recycled content

80% recycled of sourced materials


Life Cycle Assessment

As there is no perfect green material, we look upon a product’s impact through its Life Cycle Assessment, which, according to the Green Building Resource Center, “considers the full range of a product’s environmental impacts, from resource extraction to manufacture and then through installation and ultimate disposal.” We have our clay made locally as well as much of our materials and serve the Twin Cities metropolitan area around us. Since tile itself is an extremely durable product, outlasting wood, linoleum, and carpet with a life span of over 100 years, the environmental benefits include less resource extraction and overall energy used for manufacturing and installation.

Frost Resistant, Non-Toxic Tile

Our tile has been proven frost-resistant by two independent studies and is safe to install outdoors, even in extreme temperatures. In regards to the indoor environment of your home, tile is perfect for anyone concerned with indoor air quality. Since it is easy to clean, the build-up of dust mites and other allergens can be controlled significantly. Furthermore, tile is known to release few, if any, emissions, unlike paint and carpet. This is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from allergies and/or other respiratory ailments. Clay Squared to Infinity currently carries 29 glaze colors that are completely non-toxic and food-safe, though once fired all our glazes are non-toxic. With such a broad range of colors, the design possibilities are endless.

When installed properly, ceramic tile is a low-maintenance, easy to clean, resource efficient material that not only lasts for generations, but can be reused upon proper excavation. For these reasons we are excited that you have chosen our tiles for your project and, as always, look forward to your comments and concerns.

– Josh Blanc
Co-Owner and Artist


Here are some further links so you can best understand the “Green” movement:

www.usgbc.org – LEED Certification

www.greencommunitiesonline.org – Minnesota Green Communities

www.greeninstitute.org – The Green Institute

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