Explore Tile Designs and Patterns

Of course there is an almost infinite number of ceramic tile patterns that can be made when puzzling together colorful tile shapes. We've compiled a handful of some of the more common and popular tile patterns here to inspire your creativity. Explore our shape tiles and sizes, discover our spectrum of colors, and have fun creating exciting new patterns of your own.

Arabesque Pattern

Basketweave Pattern

Bowtie Patterns

Dancing Peacock Patterns

Diamond Pattern

Elongated Hex Pattern

Half Hexagon Pattern

Herringbone Pattern

Hexagon Pattern

On Pointe Pattern

Peacock Patterns

Persian Pattern

Running Bond Pattern

Square Running Bond Pattern

Stacked Square Pattern

Star and Hex Pattern

Vertical Subway Running Bond Pattern

Zig Zags Patterns

Claysquared sample tiles

See our tile in your space and lighting