These mini-murals allow you to keep within budget but still get something fun, colorful, and handmade. Measuring at 14" x 14" these mini-backsplashes can fit behind the stove, sink, or you can put multiple around your space. Call 612-781-6409 to order.

Six Inch Medieval Floral Accent with 3" Border Butted Joint


Medieval Floral Checkerboard with Miter Corners

Medieval Floral 6" and 3" Checkerboard with Fitted Joint


On Pointe 1" with Butted Joint


On Pointe 2" with Miter Joint

On Pointe 2" with Medieval Floral Accent and Butted Joint

Up-Down Pattern with 1" x 1", 2" x 2", 1" x 2", and Fitted Joint

Clay Squared to Infinity