Handmade Ceramic Field Tile

Field tiles are the solid or mottled colored tiles used as the main field of color for tile projects. Our handmade field tiles provide a selection of matte, glossy, opaque and translucent colors choices for you to customize your home tile projects. Many people say our handmade tiles feel like they look original to when the house was built.

Clay Squared to Infinity tiles are designed to live in harmony with your home. Our tiles are exterior grade and made using a special mix of terra cotta clay that has been tested for frost resistance. An independent engineering firm determined that these tiles can outlast concrete and even bricks. Inside the home, they are food-safe, durable, and easily cleaned. (Note: Only our switch plate covers are not frost-proof.)

Custom sizes are always available.

Oatmeal Modern Kitchen Tile Border Boadway Close Up

Our handmade field tile collection is available in 30 colors that work together in endless combinations. Dimensions range from 1” x 1” to 12” x 12,” and every size and shape in between. Brick shapes, squares, circles, and triangles can easily be created to fit your project.

Custom sizes are always available.

Order Sample Tiles

Clay Squared Handmade and Historic Tile Sample Program

Colors respond differently to every lighting venue, and to the wood, paint, and furnishings of a space. Our sample program enables anyone local to check tiles out of our showroom free for two weeks and live with them in their space so they can order with full confidence. If not in the Minneapolis area, order a sample pack shipped direct to you. We recommend you experience our tiles in your own space before making final color and design decisions.

Sample Pack 1000


Handmade Tile Samples

Choose 5 handmade ceramic tile color samples from a broad spectrum of colors. $14.95, shipping included.

Mid Century Sample Tile Colors


Mid Century Tile Samples

Reproduction tiles of the 1920s-50s. Order 5 different color samples for $14.95, shipping included.

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Unglazed Porcelain Samples

Flat edge unglazed porcelain mosaic floor tiles. Historic classics of 1890s-1950s. $5.00, shipping included.