Arabesque Pattern

Arabesque Tile Patterns

This amazing tile pattern is based off of historic tessellation of triangles and hexagons starting in the 9th century. Inspired by ancient Eastern patterns, discover how star, hexagon, and L shape tile combine to create a geometric woven design. This pattern comes as loose pieces and is assembled on site.

Our handmade tiles compliment any Mid Century Modern, Victorian, or Arts and Crafts era architectural design. Get creative and blow your mind with the variety of tile shapes we handcraft. Create a colorful geometric star, hexagon, and L shape tile design in your kitchen backsplash, bathroom remodel, or fireplace hearth. This magical design is also an ideal choice for floor tile or as an accent wall. Our frost resistant handmade tile is handcrafted in the USA by Clay Squared to Infinity tile artisans in our Northeast Minneapolis Arts District studio.

Explore a World of Colorful Tile

Enliven your remodel and cover your wall surfaces with the character of texture and color found in our one-of-a-kind tiles. Seriously, no two tiles are exactly alike – be it our red tile, blue tile, green tile, pink tile, or any number of other ceramic tile colors from our handmade tile collection. We like diversity. It feels more organic and natural to live in a space made by hand. Custom shapes and textures are available – we have tools, after all, we’re ceramic tile artisans.

When You Need Help with Your Tile Design

Worlds away from generic big box store tiles, our tile is more affordable than you might think. Get creative and see for yourself. If you need help, we’re just an email or phone call away. We’re always available to help you build a beautiful creation with the coolest tiles this side of Mars.