October 2020 Clay Squared Newsletter

Like most Americans, Covid-19 has really upended our daily lives. Layl was not able to do any of her arts festivals since the beginning of 2020. She has, however, been able to do her classes via Zoom and has been working on her social media. TikTok has been very good to her.  She has quite a following already! Josh and crew have been lucky that so many people have decided to work on their homes during the pandemic. We clearly recognize that this is a gift and we are very grateful for everyone supporting our creative world.
We use our extra time to donate our energy and money to organizations that are trying to make a difference. Josh is on the board of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and Tile Heritage Foundation. Layl is on the board of Art to Change the World. We both see the value of the arts to help people in their quest to be the best they can be and document the history of artist endeavors. Even when times are challenging we feel we have to give back in the best ways possible. As the Give to the Max fundraising event is just around the corner, we hope if you are in a position to help others and we encourage you to give to your most valued non-profit. Stay safe and enjoy the time you have with your family and friends.

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