Simple Silly Milly Projects

Here are some fun projects that are easy and fun to make with your Silly Millies. You can bake Silly Millies onto all kinds of objects. If you aren't sure if it will work and you don't care too much if the object does actually melt, test it in the oven at 275 degrees before you cover it with Silly Millies. You will know right away if it is made of a kind of plastic that melts–you will probably smell and melting plastic smell. But if it doesn't melt you can cover it! Here are specifics on how to do some fun projects. Be sure to check out my videos if you want a full tutorial.


Decorate a Pen

The best type of pen to decorate is a white barrel Bic pen (or other similar brand - test an uncovered pen first). This is a fun and easy project. Just remove the ink from the pen and decorate the white barrel (Do Not bake the INK!) Add thin slices all the way around and roll the pen to smooth it out. Then have fun adding other dimensional parts like flowers or leaves on top.

Bake at 275 degrees for 30 minutes and let cool before you add the ink back in.

Here is a link to a youtube video about this project:


Cover Handles of Utensils

Open your kitchen drawer and marvel at all the possibilities! If you are worried that any part of the utensil might melt, you can always try it in the oven first (realize you may be risking it melting but at least it won't be melting with Silly Millies on it and all your hard work). Most hard plastics and all metals can usually take the heat. It only takes a few minutes in the 275 degree oven to realize if the utensil has any parts that might melt.
When you are sure you utensil won't melt add Silly Millies however you like and then bake. Your pieces will be sturdy enough to use and wash by hand.


Beads for Bracelets

Just slice your Silly Milly about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in thickness and then poke holes through horizontally to make a bracelet bead.  I like to use a round toothpick but if you are needing bigger holes you could also use a wooden skewer or a needle for smaller holes.

Remember you don't have to leave the toothpick in the bead when it bakes because the bead won't shrink.

To string your bracelet I recommend stretchy cord but any other string can work too.


Decorate a Frame

Silly Millies can be added onto a frame that is made of metal or wood.  Usually it is pretty obvious that a frame won't melt but sometimes there is a backing material which could cover over a material that will melt- like styrofoam.  If you can't see all the materials you may want to do a test bake.

You also may want to avoid large wooden frames because wood can expand and contract over time and this causes cracking.

Here's a video that tells more about decorating a frame:




You can cover the lids or the whole box. Tin boxes, paper boxes and wooden boxes all work. If you are covering an unfinished wood box you might notice the clay doesn’t stick as well. To get it stick you can cover the box with Elmer’s glue. Either let the glue dry or work with it while still wet.


Cover a Jar

Silly Millies bake really easily to glass.  Just slice about the thickness of a nickel or thinner and press right onto the glass.  Bake the entire piece and you'll have a fabulous decorated vase, jar or other container.  Salt and Pepper shakers are especially fun!

You don't have to cover the whole whole jar but the more you cover the sturdier it will be.  If a piece does fall off after it is baked just glue back on with super glue.

Here's a video all about this project:


Place Markers or Picture Holders

Use 16 gauge wire to make a paper clip (swirl of wire) on one end then make a zig zag of wire that ends with another larger swirl of wire that would stand flat on the table. Cover the bottom triangle of wire with Silly Milly slices- be sure to put some on the other side of the wire to make it more sturdy. Then bake at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. This place setting was made with all different colors of leaves and used at Thanksgiving.


Animal Ornament

You can make lots of different animals by grouping your Silly Milly slices together.  Here's where you can really get creative!

Check out this video to make eyeballs with white and black polymer clay:

And here's a video that shows you how to make a snail: