Clay Parties

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  • Fun and Relaxing for ages 7 to 97!
  • Birthday Parties!
  • Girl’s Night Out
  • Team Building

Layl McDill Clay PartiesLayl will come to you or you can party at Clay Squared (With Layl, Niky or Chandra!).

Fees are $175 for 2 hours and $5 per person for supplies with a minimum of 5 people. Contact Layl for fees outside a 30 mile radias of Clay Squared.

A basic party starts with learning how to make two or three millefiori canes. Then Layl pulls out the “Stuff to Cover” bin and everyone can make a pen, switch plate, utensil, frame or other object. Plus dig into Layl’s scrap pile for Silly Milly Accents.

Or have a specific theme. There are lots of projects to choose from or make up your own theme- Anything is possible!

Contact Layl at [email protected]    We have three teachers that can teach clay parties now so that means more times available – especially for parties that take place at Clay Squared.

Butterfly OrnamentsButterfly Ornaments

Learn two millefiori techniques to make a colorful butterfly wing cane. Then slice it up and make happy little butterflies. You might even make enough to string together to make a mobile! Or you can make it into a picture holder!

Frog SculpturesFrog Sculpture

Start by learning how to make a flower cane then use this cane to create a friendly little frog that can sit on your desk and keep you company for years to come.

He can also be turned into a picture holder!

Beads and ButtonsBeads and Buttons

Create millefiori canes of flowers and geometric shapes and then learn how to make them into beads and buttons of all shapes and sizes.

Spectacular SwitchplatesSpectacular Switchplates

Layl will bring lots of different configurations but you can also bring your own right off your wall!

Great way to jazz up a room. You can use colors that match your home decor!

Polymer PrincessesPolymer Princesses

Perfect for the artist princess!  (Especially age 4 to 7) Layl will bring pre-baked plain princess cut outs with faces and the party goers can decorate her dress, add hair and even a crown. Very easy and always turns out unique and “Royal”!

Sun Wall SculptureSun Wall Sculpture

Nothing says FUN like Glitter on a Sun!  Layl will teach a few simple millefiori techniques and then how to make a sun face and cover it with glitter.  Everyone wil come away with a sun to hang on their wall that is about 5 inches in diameter.  (This project is slightly more advanced so excellent for adults)

Owls and other BirdsOwls and other Birds

Learn how to make millefiori canes that look like feathers then slice them up to make a whole pile.  You can make a very creative little bird with all kinds of colors.  Layl will bring extra eyeballs to choose from that are also made out of clay!

Garden Pen HolderGarden Pen Holder

This whimsical wire wonder is super easy and fun to make.  You can be creative when you add little bugs or other additions that pop out of the clay pile.  If there is time you can also decorate a pen to go in the pen holder!

Flower BoxFlower Box

Make a fantastic little box with a clay lid covered with flowers that really pop out!  Even learn the cool technique of adding on gold leaf to get a very interesting effect.

Eggs in Nest Picture HolderEggs in Nest Picture Holder

Layl will teach you how to make a leaf cane which you will use to decorate the bottom of this picture holder.  Add a nest and eggs and other details and you have a very special place to keep your favorite photo of the moment, recipea card or just a things to do list.

Sculptural CreaturesSculptural Creatures

Create a dragon, cat, pig or any other animal that seems to want to come out of the clay.  Learn some fun millefiori designs that will be the decoration for this fabulous creature and then slice and add to a tinfoil center.  Great project for younger ages!

Fanciful Fairy HousesFanciful Fairy Houses

These little creations are simple and easy but you can also really show your creativity in the details.  Layl will teach you how to make each house and roof a different shape and then you can add details galore.  In the end you will have a fun collection of fairy houses to plant in your favorite plant.

Party PensParty Pens

Everyone will learn some fun techniques to make a unique pen that can be used for years on end because the ink is easily replaced.  Layl will also teach you how to add pen toppers of flowers, frogs, lizards or other creatures.

Sparrow on a StickSparrow on a Stick

Make a little sparrow with simple millefiori techniques that look like feathers and then Layl will teach you how to attach it securely to a real stick.  This little guy is a great window decoration.  This project is fairly quick so you might have time to make something else during the party too.

Underwater Creature OrnamentsUnderwater Creature Ornaments

The inspiration is endless when you start thinking Sea Creatures!  Make a fish, sea horse, octopus or even a mermaid!  This is one where Layl’s scrap pile really comes in handy to make cool details like fins and flippers.

Bird HouseBird House

This class starts with painting on a wooden bird house.  Then as the paint dries you’ll learn how to make some great designs in clay that can be added as decoration.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creativitiy on this one.

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