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The tile maker’s art

March 24, 2020
We were featured in the Southwest Journal on MARCH 21, 2020 An ancient craft with a modern touch by SUSAN SCHAEFER / EDITOR@SWJOURNAL.COM Have you ever heard cat paws prancing upon your roof? No? Well, back in Victorian Britain, when most roofs were created from that iconic fired red clay, the nightly frolicking of rooftop […]

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Roman Horses Tile

March 2020 Clay Squared Newsletter

March 17, 2020

Josh Talks Tile At Restore Nebraska Conference At the end of February Josh returned to Omaha, Nebraska to give two presentations to the Restore Nebraska Conference. The first: “Restoring tiles in your turn-of-the-century home”, and the other: “The invention of America’s first tile style: Mid-century Tiles.” The conference has doubled since Josh was there last and has merged […]

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Child Holding Creation 2020

March 2020 Layl Newsletter

March 13, 2020

In her newest blog post, Layl reflects on the art which grabs her attention. She describes the feeling a viewer has of a magnificent piece, from the perspective of herself as an artist. She states: “I get obsessed just looking at them. They make me want to live vicariously through those artists. Which is crazy […]

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Blue Spanish Mission Floor Tile Star Hex Bar Staight

February 2020 Clay Squared Newsletter

One of our more recent and exciting projects is a 125 square foot floor made out of 6 inch and 2 inch hexagons in Coco Moon. The customers for this floor got their inspiration from another floor we made a couple years ago, the massive star and hex project which all together came out to […]

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