Handmade Tile Variation

Peacocks Square

Glaze Variation

In nature, no one leaf or branch is the same as another, but they all come together to create a beautiful tree.  In our world of handmade tile, no two pieces will be perfectly the same but they all come together to create a beautiful tile project. 


We embrace the fact that our clay is of the earth. We take time to personally cut and glaze each tile. When the tiles are ready to be fired, we heat the kilns to almost 2000 degrees and let the natural elements combine. Differences of even a couple of degrees or layers in the kiln can make one color have different shades and/or mottled effects. Once the 24-hour process is complete, we take out the tile and revel in each tile variation. We view any dots, flashing, or crazing that may occur as beauty marks that highlight the natural process of working with the earth. We encourage you to lay out your tiles and enjoy the one-of-a-kind variegated tile made just for your home.

Below are our current high variation colors:

Robin’s Egg 701R

Robins Egg Blue Modern Bathroom Tile Peacock Full

Our Robin’s Egg is one of our highest variation colors. While it truly is one glaze it can present as two distinct colors. The first color is a light opaque turquoise color while the second color is a dark translucent gloss. While some tiles are one extreme or another many exist somewhere on the spectrum of these two colors. If you order a project in this tile you will receive a blend of these colors.

Peacocks Square

Jade Moss 603R

Jade Moss Green Arts And Crafts Fireplace Tile Hawthorn Straight Square
Jm Variation

Jade Moss is Arts & Crafts matte glaze We consider it high variation because it has a mottled texture. Throughout each tile, there are random flashes of yellow-green and areas of dark green. When used on a project the combination of light and darks creates a dynamic and dimensional field of tile.

JadeMoss Square

Coco Moon 610r

Our Coco Moon tile is part of our Arts & Crafts Matte series. Coco moon has an underlayer of opaque blue topped by a flaky copper, mottled effect. While the flaky copper bursts are at random they also border many of the tiles as that is where the glaze is thinnest. No two tiles are exactly alike which makes it high-variation.

Blue Coco Moon Floor Tile 8x8 Square

Northshore 507R

Northshore Blue Arts And Crafts Kitchen Tile Square

Our aptly named Northshore glaze, like our Robin’s Egg, varies in both color and finish. This blue glaze fluctuates between a grey matte color and a glossy deep blue color. Northshore tile seamlessly adds dimension to a space and keeps the eye focused on them.


Inset Behind Stove Square

Coffee Cake 802R

CFC Variation

Coffee Cake is part of our Arts & Crafts Matte series. It has a mottled, sand-like look that can be a pale yellow or a deeper almost brown shade. It also has white flashes as well as occasional brown spots on it.



Quail’s Egg 812R

Qe Variation

Our Quail’s Egg glaze, much like its namesake, has naturally varied spots throughout. While the background color is a matte green brown tone that stays fairly consistent the blue spots throughout fluctuate in terms of size, scale, and frequency. It is a great choice if you like high variation tiles with unique, eye-catching accents.

QE Square

Aurora Borealis 604R

Ab Variation

Aurora Borealis is a high variation glossy color.  It fluctuates between shimmery blue-green glaze with hints of turquoise and bright teal color with deeper blue spots. Most of the time it is a marriage of these two but it occasionally jumps to one end of the spectrum or the other.


AB Square



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