25 Years Of Clay Squared

For our 25th anniversary we wanted to revisit some older projects and special tiles. These were from a time when the internet had just begun! Josh created his first decorative tile in 1996 at Cary Esser Architectural Tile Making Workshop at Anderson Ranch in Colorado.


Josh's First Decorative Tile

Some of Josh's earliest work included variations on our popular Medieval Floral Tiles. He started making them alongside other hand-carved tiles which he sold at home show at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Tile Show

Josh's first commission came from the Minneapolis/St.Paul Home Tour that Layl and Josh that featured their house and studio on the 3rd floor. The client was inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt. She wanted a mosaic that was full of rich colors and lots of sizes and shapes.

While we have done lot of amazing projects over the years we did not do it alone. We have been lucky to have great employees and interns that have helped make Clay Squared what it is today. Here are photos of the 20 employees we  have had since 1998!

ClaySquared Employees



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