April 2021 Layl Newsletter

Imaginary Swim In The Starry Night

I have spent the past month creating my largest piece to date.  There was an empty wall outside my studio so I decided it might as well be filled with one large piece.  The piece is titled “Infinite Story Generator- the Hero’s Journey”.  It is all about the timeless narrative of a character leaving home to venture through the woods, over the seas and mountains to eventually end up at a sparkling castle.  I got some of my ideas for this piece while talking to my daughter Daycia, who is a children’s librarian in Vancouver, BC.  Daycia had some great ideas about what elements are always in these types of epic narratives, like an object that you pick up on your way to be used as the thing that saves you, or riddles that you must answer to get past a barricade. If you can’t stop by our studio you can check out the piece in the video below. Click here to read the whole newsletter



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