April 2021 Clay Squared

George Floyd

We would be remiss if we did not mention the tension in our city at this moment. With the trial of George Floyd starting closing arguments this coming week and the murder of Daunte Wright by another police officer last week, the feeling of Deja Vu is prevalent. National guard troops are stationed around the city, which creates even more unease.

For us, we stand in solidarity with our community, those looking and fighting for a future where Black people do not continue to die at the hands of those meant to protect and serve. These violent events aren’t singular, they are systemic. In the end, the only person you can change is yourself. We continue to make changes in our thinking and actions to do what we can to try to have a positive impact on all these overwhelming issues.

Hopefully our newsletter only can allow us a little escape from the heavy issues facing our city and society. If you want to donate to Daunte Wright’s family click here, https://gofund.me/3f93f01d

We wish you good health and safety.

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