Layl's Silly Milly Art

Make a Switch Plate

Here is a great way to make some "jewlery" for your house! Watch out - once you decorate one switch plate all the rest will cry out to be decorated too!

This tutorial shows a very basic design with two different Silly Millies but you can branch out and use many different canes or even just one design if you want.

To make larger switch plates you will need one small Silly Milly more for each additional switch (a double switch needs 3 Small Silly Milies, a triple needs 4)

Here's a link to Layl's Youtube video:


Supplies you'll need:

2 Small Silly Millies
1 Single Switch plate (any kind even plastic. If you use plastic test it in the oven at 275 first, most new plastic plates work but older ones may melt)
A thin blade to slice
A dowel or other cylinder to roll (a fat marker works!)
A Needle or Toothpick


Step one:

Slice your Silly Millies into thin slices about 2 mm thick.
Lay your slices out in an every other pattern.
Don't worry about the spots of the switch plate that show through.
Cover over the holes and all the way to the edges.



Step two:

When the entire switch plate is covered use your dowel or roller to smooth out the surface.
You'll notice as you roll the slices will squish together to cover the whole switch plate. Roll it until you're satisfied with the coverage.
Remember it won't melt together anymore as it bakes.


Step three:

Use your fingers to pinch the clay over the sides of the switch plate. Make sure all the edges are covered.


Step four:

Use the blade to slice along the back of the switch plate to remove any excess clay that was folded over.


Step five:

Poke out the holes where the screws go with the needle or toothpick. Trim any excess clay that is inside switch hole.


Step six:

Bake the entire switch plate at 275 degrees (use an over thermometer [you may want to test a small scrap of clay] to be sure your oven doesn't run hot.) Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool for 10-15 minutes. And TA-DA you have a fun Silly Milly Switch Plate!