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Tree of Life’s Secrets

Tree of Life’s Secrets photo

Inspiration: About a year ago I made a cupboard with cupboards inside of it but this piece sat around my studio waiting to be turned into a finished piece.  Finally one day I took a board that was painted blue and was just moving these cupboards around until the vision of a tree came to me.  I'm not sure where the idea to add the wheel of foxes at the bottom came from- it just seemed like what was needed.  One of the days I was working on this piece was the day the Boston Marathon happened.  It was so shocking and played on the radio all day long as I was creating so when it came time to decide what would go into the cupboards I had to put something that comemorated this tradgedy so inside one cupboard is a tiny running shoe and hearts.  The other cupboards have other imporatant imagery about life like a ladder to the moon,  One cupboard is empty though- so you could put your own special "secret".

Technique- I made mosaic pieces by impressing different shapes into the clay and covering these with gold mica powder.  Some of the objects I used to make the simple shapes included game pieces and ends of markers and pens.  Drawing the running foxes was a fun challenge.  I found a video online of a running fox and stopped it at different spots to make drawings of each pose of running- I was amazed how challenging it was to then put these in order.  

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