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Sometimes Chickens Drive Tractors over the Clothesline

Sometimes Chickens Drive Tractors over the Clothesline photo


It all started with a scribble in my sketchbook which I doodled around.  I knew I wanted to make the clothesline with drawings of realistic looking clothes so I was keeping my eye out for pictures of clothes on a line.  I was thrilled to come across a great photo in National Geographic which was the inspiration for the ruffely dress.  The fun story about the chicken just sort of happened as I was creating- there was a spot for a tractor so who better to drive it than a chicken!  

There seems to be a lot of stories going on in this piece at once because the little village down below might just have some flames sneaking up on it- or maybe they are beautiful fall leaves.  Further down toward the bottom is a multi layered body of water- a sea horse's terretory.  A bird flies over this area and is surrounded by lines of decorative texture.


Lower water section with a bird.


"Housing section"



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