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Scribble Scape- The Doors Beyond the Waves and Pillows

Scribble Scape- The Doors Beyond the Waves and Pillows photo

Created Fall 2012

Inspiration- About a year ago or more my neice Emma and nephew Jake did some very lovely scribbles in my sketchbook.  One of my favorite things to do is doodle around on these scribbles and see what comes out.  This piece emerged out of the scribble.  It was such a fun challenge to translate a scribble into a sculpture!  The world that popped out of this one is just facinating- I can stare at it for hours imaging traveling around it like the little dinosaur in the car at the bottom of the piece.

Technique- The has really no structure beyond wire and clay in the piece.  The beginning of creating involved making a wire armature with several kinds of wire.  But since it is bigger than my oven I did it in parts and attached everything with Apoxy Sculpt.  I also came up with some fun new textures when creating this piece- I especially like the black spirals on the right hand side.

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Here is the sketch that started it all.

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