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Scribble Garden-What to keep in Sky Drawers

Scribble Garden-What to keep in Sky Drawers photo

Inspiration: This is probably the most fun piece I have ever made!  It was full of so much creativity and challenge.  It started with a scribble left by my nephew in my sketchbook.  I then doodled a design over it and then turned it into this wall sculpture!  I experimented with all kinds of techniques- textures and patterns in each section.  It was just such a delight to make!

Technique: Since this piece is so large, I created it in two parts which go together when hung so you can't even tell there are separate pieces.  I used pretty much every polymer clay technique I have ever experiment with on this piece- transfers, mica shift, pealer, glitter, and patina paints.  The details in this piece go on forever!

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Close up of vegetables.


Close up of flowers.


Close up of fox.

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