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Picky Dragon

Picky Dragon photo

Inspiration: This piece started with the wood structure that I turned into cupboards.  It was one of those times when I was trying to use things that I already had and we have several of these wood shelves that we originally used for tile displays then turned into spice racks.  But we had turned them out of spice racks and they were in the basement collecting dust so I thought- what could I do with these?  I am always drawn to little shelves and cupboards so I decided to make them into a "kitchen" type backdrop.  And what better creatures to have in the kitchen than two dragons.  The theme of the picky dragon is drawn directly from my life- I have found myself many times trying to convince my daughter to try delicious things- including pies and other desserts!

Technique: The question I get on this piece all the time is if the cupboards actually open but no they do not (the dragons make that impossible) but the objects on the shelves are not stuck down and can be moved and rearranged.  I kept thinking I would eventually stick them down but I just liked the idea of their mobility so I have never done it.  Therefore everytime it is displayed it looks a little different.  I just have to remember that they aren't stuck when I go to remove the piece from the wall (opps!)

This piece is available and can be ordered online and shipped.

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