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Peacock Teapot

Peacock Teapot photo

Created Winter 2011

Inspiration- I am really not sure how the ceramic teapot made it into our lives but it sat at our house for years and told me it wanted to be a peacock everytime I looked at it.  But before it became a teapot it was a great prop for my daughter's Mad Hatter costume one Halloween.  Sometime in the winter I started to work on peacock parts.  And then one night when the scrap pile was especially peacock-ish I went to work!  It seemed completely effortless- this teapot was just meant to be a peacock and before I knew it it was!

This piece was shown at the Minneasota State Fair in 2012 and that is where it was purchased.  If you are interested in a piece like this you can commission one in any color scheme including this "realistic" scheme. 


other side of teapot

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