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Peacock and Pterodactyl’s Adventure (Mermaid Wave II)

Peacock and Pterodactyl’s Adventure (Mermaid Wave II) photo

Inspiration: The spark that started this piece was a watercolor I saw on Etsy of a whole bunch of waves.  It stuck in my mind so one day I started doodling and came up with this scene.  I like the way the mermaid is hidden at first and then there are lots of hidden fish too.  Then the story for the piece evolved out of a little mistake.  For some reason one of the waves I put in had a rectangle cut out of it.  I thought this part would get covered when I pieced it all together but it didn't.  So I made this rectangle (in the upper left hand corner) into a little door.  That's when I came up with the story which is transffered on the plaque on the bottom: "Peacock and Pterodactyl Rode the Waves in Search of Crab's Hidden Habitat".

Technique: This piece was one big puzzle.  I drew out all the waves and made each one with different techniques including milefiore, glitter and texture plates.  Then I baked each piece and attempted to put it all together the way I had drawn it out.  Of course they never went back exactly the same so I had to make more waves and adjustments.  It was a fun challenge!  My other challenge was the color of the sky.  I painted it 3 times before I settled on the red.  I like the way it stands out and it also makes me think of the saying "Red sky at night- sailor's delight..." 

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Close up of mermaid.


Close up of mermaid tail.


Close up of tree house with Pterodactyl, Crab, and Peacock.

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