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Giraffe’s Flying Machine

Giraffe’s Flying Machine photo

Created Fall 2012

Inspiration: The beginning of this was an abstract sculpture that I saw in an art musuem on our trip to Canada in 2010.  I did a loose sketch which I later added onto with ideas from my imagination.  The shape changed and grew wings and then a giraffe popped out of his head.  Then I added something hanging below.  When I went to make the piece in 3-D it changed even more.  This piece became the beginning of a series I am calling "Avion Animals".  In November and December of 2012 they had a great time playing in the store front window of our downtown Minneapolis Gaviidae shop.

Technique: I was really excited about making the body hollow and putting the wings through but I wasn't sure how I would do it.  I lay in bed at night thinking about complicated ways to hang the wings inside the body but then I made them and put them in and they didn't need to be attached in any fancy way- they just lay in the right way automatically!  Plus they can move around and change position.  To get the wings through the body I only baked clay on one side of the wings then I added the other side once they were through with Apoxy Sculpt (air dry clay). 

This piece has been sold but if you would to commission a similar piece Click Here


Front view.


Face Detail

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