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Father of the Forest

Father of the Forest photo

Inspiration: Last Spring I spent an afternoon at the Bell Museum on the University of Minnesota campus.  I did a few sketches and snapped some photos of the amazing taxidermy animals.  A few weeks later I took the time to draw this detailed sketch of the buck that is on view there. This sketch was the starting point for this whimsical schene.  I wanted to make it feel like your imagination of what the forest is like when we aren't able to see it... the beyond our view forest.  There are tiny drawings of does and fawns running across the top- helping to tell the story of the whole family that the buck is a key part of.

Technique: There is no wood or other material as a backing for this piece which made it very challenging to create structually.  I actually ended up adding the black sheet of clay after trying to hang the piece at a show with out it.  Now it is very solid and sturdy.  Thre are two sections of armature- one is a metal rod across the top to keep that section from being flexible the other is the tinfoil inside the "trees".

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"Tree" detail- covered with tiny designs.


Detail of the artifact shelf- one of the sections has a crystal stone that I found in the Black Hills.

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