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Distracted Owl

Distracted Owl photo

There is a lot going on on this branch! First there is a fish sitting next to this whimsical Owl but then there is a whole world peaking out and around the owl- buildings, gardens and a tail full of ladders. Hanging below is another branch with flower drawings. Oh and did you notice the tiny nest on top of the tallest tower?  There is definitely some kind of story happening here which I hope the viewer will contemplate and create in their own imagination.

Inspiration-  This piece started as a scribble in my sketchbook left by my nephew.  I doodled these characters on the scribble and then brought it to life with clay!  The magic world under the owl was something that just kept developing and emerging from the clay.

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Detail of the city under the Owl.


There is a very detailed kaleidoscope design on the owl.


The owl's tail is full of funky ladders.

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