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Bubble Blowing Caterpillar

Bubble Blowing Caterpillar photo

Created Spring 2011

Inspiration-  A few summers ago the reading program at the Libraries here in the Twin Cities was going on the theme of "Book-a-wokie" and our Polymer Clay Guild has a display case in the North Regional Library so I was super excited to create something a long the line of Alice in Wonderland.  There are so many great directions to go but I was very drawn to the fanciful caterpillar.  I started by building the mushroom which by the way has a bug on an built in patio on the back.  Then I made the caterpillar part by part getting more and more ideas and details as I went.  Each section of the caterpillar is like one of those hollow Easter Eggs with a little scene from the story inside. 

Technique- I invented an interesting way to make these hollow shapes by baking scrap clay around tissue paper and scorring a hole which I cut out after it was baked and added on another layer of millefiore designs.  As I put this guy together I realized he was very moveable and would not be happy if I made him stiffly sticking on top of the mushroom so I decided I needed some kind of structure around him.  For a few weeks I just kept thinking "there must be something out there that I can cover with clay and make into this structure".  Luckily it was spring and I was seeing all kinds of things pop up in gardens and then it hit me- a tomato cage turned upside down!  I eventually found a larger form of plant cage which was perfect after I cut out one part of the ring and covered with all kinds of leaves.  Then as I hung this guy in there it became obvious that his arms would have to be movable and on strings too so he's almost like a marrionette!

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Here you can see the section with the White Rabbit inside.


One section has the Cheshire Cat and the other has an "Eat Me" cookie.


In this section you can see the Queen of Hearts playing card.


Here is a close up of his lovely blue face.  He is blowing bubbles which are made of glass.


There is even a balcony for the bug that lives in the mushroom.

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