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Are There Windows in the Waterfall

Are There Windows in the Waterfall photo

Inspiration: Some of my favorite art is Japenese wood cut prints so when the Minneapolis Art Institute had the special exhibit of "Edo Pop" in 2012 I was super excited!  I saw the exhibit and did sketches and drawings.  And I bought the book and did more sketches and drawings.  This piece was inspired by a drawing that came from looking at a japanese print of a waterfall.  I excentuated the patterns in my drawing and then took them even further when it became 3-D in clay.

While working on this piece in the winter of 2014 I knew it needed something else- a bit of life.  Something to hint that there are habitants.  Then I went to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and that's when I realized my piece needed a gondala.

Sold - This piece now lives in Miami, Florida at a preschool.  


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