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Ape thought he was in Control of the Trees

Ape thought he was in Control of the Trees photo

Created Winter of 2009

Inspiration: The image of a "tree car" came to me while we were on our trip to Philadelphia and was thinking a lot about the environment and how much control we have over our own impact on it as individuals and as a species. As I created this piece the details of the sleeping lion in the hammock came to me as a symbol of our own unawareness or even how impossible it is to be totally aware of what is going on in the environment. When I added the wheels the piece was not strong enough to stand on its own and I felt a strong urge to put a large turtle under the car. I was very happy with this addition because a turtle has ancient connections with symbolisms of the earth.

Technique : The trees are made of Apoxy-sculpt with glitter and beads pressed in and wire structures underneath. The polymer clay leaves are wired on and "moveable". The wheels actually turn. The hammock is knitted yarn.


Close-up of Ape


Lion sleeping in the Hammock


Turtle Close-up


Leaves Close-up

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