Cosmic Spots

The art of the unexpected

Temperatures nearing 2,000 degrees kindle chemical reactions between ceramic glazes, creating halo effects, revealing new colors and evoking an other worldly mood. No two Cosmic Spots art tiles are alike. Tile installations that incorporate these phenomena are conversation pieces that will draw the eye and excite the emotions

Accent Pieces
Pieces from The Cosmic Collection make bold accents in a field tile installation. Often people respond to particular colors or effects in the series, and we can help you create an arrangement that communicates this emotion within your own space and budget.

Size ( h x w ) Tile Thicknes
2" x 2" 1/4"
3" x 3" 1/4"
4" x 4" 1/4"
6" x 6" 3/8"
8" x 8" 3/8"
10" x 10" 3/8"
12" x 12" 3/8

Custom sizes and thicknesses
always available

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