Cosmic Cloud Series

Bringing the skies down to Earth

In the Cosmic Cloud Series, a blend of up to 10 colors flow freely across the tile, creating organic and fluid imagery that seems to move and change. These one-of-a-kind tiles seem to evoke emotional responses and they create exceptionally inspiring and creative work and living spaces.

Incomparable Style
Like cloud formations, each of these handmade art pieces is created in its own moment in time. You can be assured that your collection will be one of a kind.

Sizes (h x w) Tile Thickness

Size Thickness
2" x 2" 1/4"
3" x 3" 1/4"
4" x 4" 3/8"
6" x 6" 3/8"
8" x 8" 3/8"
10" x 10" 3/8"
12" x 12" 3/8

Custom sizes and thicknesses always available

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