Ceramic Tiles

Pattern options photo

Pattern options

Ceramic tiles offer an almost infinite number of patterns to design with. In this section you can explore patterns that we have done in past projects and concept boards you can get inspired from to create your project. Please note all of the patterns you see can be customized to color combinations that you would like.

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Subway Running Bond photo

Subway Running Bond

Back in the 1890's to the 1930's the use of white tile was all the rage.  Clay Squared makes all variety of brick subway shapes.  3" x 6" and 2" x 6" being the most requested but 2" x 4" and 1" x 2" are have been highly requested in the past few years. Call (612) 781-6409 to get samples or come in and view them first hand.

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Stacked Tile Patterns photo

Stacked Tile Patterns

The Stacked pattern is one of the most common patterns used in tile installations.  Basically it is the same size tile laid on top of each other creating even rows horizontally and vertically.  Trims can be easily introduced and can try to be consistent with the grout lines created from the stacking or break the grid.

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Step Up Tile Pattern photo

Step Up Tile Pattern

The Step Up Tile Pattern is a dynamic design that creates an optical illusion.  This is also a very inexpensive way to add design to any project and keep your cost down. Check out this design in our kitchen section Clements Kitchen Step Up to see this project installed.

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Multi Mix Mosaic Patterns photo

Multi Mix Mosaic Patterns

Most people love more than one color. The combining of multiple colors and sometimes sizes can give your tiled space variety and add some flair to spaces that need them, think laundry rooms, back entry floors. For those of you who can't get enough colors in your life whole kitchen backsplashes with multiple colors will do the trick. Some great examples are in our kitchen section

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Tile Shapes photo

Tile Shapes

Ceramic clay properties allows the tile maker to create almost any shape they can think of. Some of the most popular shapes tile artisans have made are hexagons, peacock, scallops, stars, Zig Zags triangles and diamonds. Clay Squared is experiementing all the time with historic shaped tiles and trying to create new patterns and designs. 

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Herringbone Patterns photo

Herringbone Patterns

Herringbone: a classic design dating back to the Roman period. If you want a design that will last the test of time you cannot go wrong with a herringbone pattern.

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Borders & Corner Patterns photo

Borders & Corner Patterns

When working with borders and patterns, you will inevitably have to do a corner there are many ways to design your corner for visual thinkers. Coming in and picking out samples will be your easiest way to understand how it works. For more lineal thinkers get your grid paper out and draw up your designs and you will start to see how it all comes together.  But don't forget Clay Squared to Infinity is here to help and we can give you some suggestions and your tile setter will also have experience working with corners.

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On Point photo

On Point

Turning tiles so that they are on a diagonal is an easy way to create a more directional feel of any design. While it looks easy to do it does take more time to plan the layout. You will have more cuts and corners can be tricky. 

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