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Zen Kitchen photo

Zen Kitchen

This expressive kitchen backsplash is a blend of two colors Iridescent Silver and Silver. The home owners loved the Cosmic Flares and wanted Josh to use them in the backsplash. Josh sketched out a series of drawing for the home owners to consider. Then using classic subway 3x6 running bond tile it created quite balance of expressive strokes to create this Asian inspired Arts & Crafts kitchen.

Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography.

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Mid Century Modern Kitchen photo

Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Clean lines and rich colors make this kitchen stand out as an example of the Mid-Century Modern revival.  The Egg Design Group ordered Copper Patina in 2x8" field tiles. Using a Monochromatic palette and letting the variation of the glaze work its magic, the space gets an aged character. Variation is the key to homes feeling both comfortable and livable. 

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Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash photo

Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash

The home owners wanted a signature, one-of-a-kind, tile mural. Artist Josh Blanc created the work based off another Cosmic Cloud art piece in the studio. The piece was custom made to fit the niche. The handmade field tiles are 2" x 8" glazed in Avocado, Wasabi, Copper Patina, Jade Moss, Hematite and Pesto with Cosmic Cloud accents randomly dispersed throughout the backsplash. 

Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography

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Zig Zag with One Inch Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash photo

Zig Zag with One Inch Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

This fabulous pattern we call Zig Zags is really a simple 4" x 4" tile with two clipped corners to allow for accent mosaics to be inserted.  This home owner went with Oatmeal for the main field of Zig Zags and chose over 20 mosaic colors to be interspersed throughout the design. The Zig Zags have a great optical illusion to the pattern so depending on your view point they give you new design to ponder. 

Installation by Hohn and Hohn Inc

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Cutout Tile Backsplash Kitchen photo

Cutout Tile Backsplash Kitchen

This custom Cosmic Spot kitchen for the Salita family is a great example of how contemporary handmade tile can be playful and sophisticated at the same time. Josh was able to make a special die to cut out the centers of the 4" x 4" tile to set in a 2" x 2" cosmic spot in the center of the tiles. Field tile color used in this project Brulee.

Over 12 cosmic spot designs were chosen in a variety of 2" and 4" tiles.
Installation by Kerber Tile, Marble and Stone

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Cosmic Spots in Random field of 2x4 North Shore photo

Cosmic Spots in Random field of 2x4 North Shore

Small niche areas in a kitchen sometime need some flare to liven up the space. Picking one color with natural variations in the glaze like North Shore and adding random accents like the Cosmic Spots livens up this space. Clay Squared can even make your switch plates have some style that matches the rest of the design.

Bread & Roses  Remodeling was the tile setter on this project.

Random Mix Kitchen photo

Random Mix Kitchen

For the kitchen dweller that has lots of appliances like toaster ovens, coffee makers, fruit bowls etc a random mix design is perfect concept for your kitchen backsplash. It allows you to have a great view of rich colors and patterns in every area as you utilize your kitchen work space. This kitchen picked a base colors Brullee and Marigold as 50% of the field and they choose North Shore, Nutmeg and Powdered Sugar as 16% each as the random mix. 

Installation by Bread and Roses Remodeling

Mosaic Trim in Subway Tile Kitchen photo

Mosaic Trim in Subway Tile Kitchen

100 Square Foot Kitchen Remodel of a  bungalow kitchen. Using Handmade mosaic tile border using a multi mix of colors and sizes. 1"x 1", 1"x2", 1" x 6" and 2"x 2". in a field of 3x6 White Subway tile. Very affordable way to add color and design to any space.Greg Page Photography,and David Heide Design Studio

This project was awarded the National NKBA Award-for Small Kitchens. Click here to read more.

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Coco Moon multi-mix kitchen backsplash photo

Coco Moon multi-mix kitchen backsplash

Coco Moon has by far the most variation of any of the colors we offer. Using a variety of sizes is a great way to add texture to a space. The details of the variations in the glaze give additional character. This stunning, Arts & Crafts monochromatic backsplash is perfect for those homeowners who have lots of appliances on the counter.  The design of the tile can be seen wherever they are in the space, regardless of the objects in front. The tile setting was completed by Tile Fusion.

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