Ceramic Tiles

Retro red kitchen with Blue Fog subway tiles photo

Retro red kitchen with Blue Fog subway tiles

The Mid-century look is coming back. Lots of great nostalgic appliances are available with bright rich colors. This family knew they had lots of countertop appliances like coffee makers, toasters and teapots to contend with while designing their kitchen. Using a trim as their decorative design it allows the homeowners to always see accents where ever they place their countertop items. They chose Blue Fog in 3" x 6" subway tile and 1" x 1" mosaics in Blue Fog and Red.  

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European Style Backsplash Multi Mix 6 photo

European Style Backsplash Multi Mix 6

The European tile experience tends to be very modern or very historic. This kitchen backsplash is located in Norway and hits the mark of high impact design where the action takes place behind the kitchen stove and behind the sink. Six colors are used in three different sizes. field tile - 1"x1" , 1" x 2" and 2" x 2". Colors chosen  OatmealPestoJade MossNutmegCoco Moon and North Shore.

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Full tilt mosaic kitchen tile project photo

Full tilt mosaic kitchen tile project

Mosaicing is really about personality. Some people like simple clean lines others like the expressive options. This super multi mix of colors, shapes and sizes comes together in a wonderful pattern. Josh has lots of experience helping people design and choose color and sizes to make your mosaic one of a kind. Ask us how we can help you design your mosaic.

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Arts and Crafts Kitchen with Medieval Floral Tiles photo

Arts and Crafts Kitchen with Medieval Floral Tiles

The Arts & Crafts Revival is alive and well. Using only two colors Copper Patina and Wasabi this couple worked off a pattern we had in our showroom to create this seemingly random design into a well structured design. Using our Medieval Floral Design they placed the decos in groupings that would enjoy the most of every day.

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Subway Tile With Cosmic Spot Kitchen photo

Subway Tile With Cosmic Spot Kitchen

This warm and inviting kitchen tile project made up of 3"x 6" subway field tile in Frosted Malt mixed with 57 Cosmic Spots. They did the layout of the running bond with 3" spots randomly spaced through out the kitchen giving the space a dynamic look.


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Modern Retro Cosmic Spot Kitchen Tile photo

Modern Retro Cosmic Spot Kitchen Tile

This Ultra modern Cosmic Spot kitchen beckens the Jetsons to stop in and have breakfast at your home. The home owner did not want a centralized design. She wanted her eyes to be bounce around and explore new facets of the tiles each day.  Full of random 4" and 8" Cosmic Spots in a field of Deepest BlueContact Josh to explore ideas on how to make your kitchen one of a kind.

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Flashback Mosaic  Kitchen photo

Flashback Mosaic Kitchen

Evoking the past with colors of the 40's and 50's is a great way to unify an updated kitchen. This rich colored mosaic of Deepest Blue, Goldenrod, Powdered Sugar, Periwinkle and Frenchy Blue is full of fun and adds style to those who like color and pattern.

Tile Mural Backsplash photo

Tile Mural Backsplash

A tile mural backsplash takes the task of doing the dishes to a new level from mundane to expressive. Clay Squared takes the classic mural and we make it into a contemporary look for the 21st century. This tile frame Cosmic Vine mural can be customized to fit any space. Contact us and we can help you design your tile mural for your backsplash.

Sizes used - 4"x 4"
Colors chosen: Field tile Premium Hops
Vine Mural Colors
Marshmallow, Silver, Matador Red

Circles by Mercury Mosaics

Kitchen Step Up Tile Pattern photo

Kitchen Step Up Tile Pattern

The Clements family choose a simple but dynamic design we call the step up tile pattern. This kitchen backsplash project is one of four projects they did with Clay Squared tiles. This is a great example of using two colors in two sizes to create a mesmerizing effect. A project this size using only two colors and two sizes, and no decos, cost around $200 to $300.  Handmade tile is one of the most affordable kitchen projects you will ever do. Colors chosen Pesto and Pistachio.

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