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Random Mix Kitchen photo

Random Mix Kitchen

For the kitchen dweller that has lots of appliances like toaster ovens, coffee makers, fruit bowls etc a random mix design is perfect concept for your kitchen backsplash. It allows you to have a great view of rich colors and patterns in every area as you utilize your kitchen work space. This kitchen picked a base colors Brullee and Marigold as 50% of the field and they choose North Shore, Nutmeg and Powdered Sugar as 16% each as the random mix. 

Installation by Bread and Roses Remodeling

Mosaic Trim in Subway Tile Kitchen photo

Mosaic Trim in Subway Tile Kitchen

100 Square Foot Kitchen Remodel of a  bungalow kitchen. Using Handmade mosaic tile border using a multi mix of colors and sizes. 1"x 1", 1"x2", 1" x 6" and 2"x 2". in a field of 3x6 White Subway tile. Very affordable way to add color and design to any space.Greg Page Photography,and David Heide Design Studio

This project was awarded the National NKBA Award-for Small Kitchens. Click here to read more.

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Coco Moon multi-mix kitchen backsplash photo

Coco Moon multi-mix kitchen backsplash

Coco Moon has by far the most variation of any of the colors we offer. Using a variety of sizes is a great way to add texture to a space. The details of the variations in the glaze give additional character. This stunning, Arts & Crafts monochromatic backsplash is perfect for those homeowners who have lots of appliances on the counter.  The design of the tile can be seen wherever they are in the space, regardless of the objects in front. The tile setting was completed by Tile Fusion.

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Art Deco Kitchen photo

Art Deco Kitchen

In the hey day of building bungalows from the 1890's to the 1930's home owners had a variety of design options as they do today to tile their home. The home owners of this bunglow were inspired by the bathroom tile that was an original art deco green with a 1" x 2" in their bathroom and wanted to continue the theme of the home with green patterns and a nod to the 1"x2" tiles for a trim in the kitchen. Colors used Copper Patina and Wasabi

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Spring Fresh Kitchen photo

Spring Fresh Kitchen

Kitchens are a place to showcase your personal side both in cooking and in design. While it is currently popular in magizines to see white kitchens many people really desire rich bold colors to work in while cooking and entertaining. This home owner used Medieval Floral tiles in a semi random pattern in a blend of spring like colors and shapes to create this wonderful kitchen. 

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Arts & Crafts award winning kitchen project photo

Arts & Crafts award winning kitchen project

This kitchen project project was part of a CotY award from National Association of The Remodeling Industry. Ohana Construction brought their client to Clay Squared to help them find a tile that matched the time period of their home. They chose a 2"x 6" field tile in Truffle and Pesto trim. Stone Hollow Tile was used for the insert behind the stove. Using classic sizes and earthy colors the tiles work wonderfully with the woodwork and all of the elements of the kitchen. 

Retro red kitchen with Blue Fog subway tiles photo

Retro red kitchen with Blue Fog subway tiles

The Mid-century look is coming back. Lots of great nostalgic appliances are available with bright rich colors. This family knew they had lots of countertop appliances like coffee makers, toasters and teapots to contend with while designing their kitchen. Using a trim as their decorative design it allows the homeowners to always see accents where ever they place their countertop items. They chose Blue Fog in 3" x 6" subway tile and 1" x 1" mosaics in Blue Fog and Red.  

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European Style Backsplash Multi Mix 6 photo

European Style Backsplash Multi Mix 6

The European tile experience tends to be very modern or very historic. This kitchen backsplash is located in Norway and hits the mark of high impact design where the action takes place behind the kitchen stove and behind the sink. Six colors are used in three different sizes. field tile - 1"x1" , 1" x 2" and 2" x 2". Colors chosen  OatmealPestoJade MossNutmegCoco Moon and North Shore.

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Full tilt mosaic kitchen tile project photo

Full tilt mosaic kitchen tile project

Mosaicing is really about personality. Some people like simple clean lines others like the expressive options. This super multi mix of colors, shapes and sizes comes together in a wonderful pattern. Josh has lots of experience helping people design and choose color and sizes to make your mosaic one of a kind. Ask us how we can help you design your mosaic.

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