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The Kitchen is the Where the Action Ia

People tell us that installations using our handmade tile feel original to their home; that they anchor their newer home to a distinct time and place. Handmade tile has an authenticity and character that adds value to your home and enhances the time you spend in it. Below are many examples of tiled back splashes featuring our tile. Enjoy.

Star & Hex Wet Bar Floor photo

Star & Hex Wet Bar Floor

A kitchen floor to remember. Tile shapes offer a vast opportunity to play with patterns. Hexagons combined with star tiles form intricate designs as well as optical illusions. This pattern was inspired by historic geometric Islamic designs. Mixing and matching colors will help your home come to life. We offer three sizes of star and hexagon patterns in all of our field tile colors.

Coco Moon Star
Blueberry Hex

Tile Setter - Reuter Quality Tile
Architect - Rehkamp Larson Architects
Photographer - Kory Reckinger
Interior Design - Martha Dayton Design 

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Aquila Pattern Kitchen photo

Aquila Pattern Kitchen

Mid-Century Modern design has two standard design signatures: monochromatic and "multi-mix" (patterns or colors) usually in rich, bold colors. The homeowners used our Aquila pattern to create a dynamic, muiltimix design for their kitchen. With no focal point, it allows the cook, and dinner guests, lots of prolific visuals to enjoy. The homeowners knew they would have lots of accessories in daily use (coffee makers, toaster ovens, spices and cookbooks) and needed a look that allowed them to see the tiles from anywhere in the kitchen. 

The Aquila design pattern is made up of four sizes of tiles:  4x4", 2x4", 2x6" and 1x1" as well as a 4x4" accent tile. Colors chosen:  Wasabi, Copper Patina, and Andromeda Cosmic Clouds. 

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Coolidge Kitchen photo

Coolidge Kitchen

The herringbone design is one of the most classic tile patterns ever made, used all over the world by every culture. Our Coolidge Design is a four color herringbone featuring Cloud Moon Cosmics for an extra highlight. Be warned: herringbone projects like this are head-scratching math problems. You will need to order 20% extra for all of the cuts on the edges. There are challenges at the corners too!  (Hiring an experienced tile setter can make all the difference.)  The Coolidge Design is available for those who want a classic, yet bold look.

Colors shown are Blueberry, Blue Fog, Copper Patina and Northshore.

Designer - DLH Designs Dianne L Heaney, Residential Interior Design Consultant
Tile Setter - McCabe Tile and Stone 
Kitchen Cabinets - Cabinets by Greg 
Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography

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Tile Mural Behind Stove photo

Tile Mural Behind Stove

Choosing a decorative tile to feature in a kitchen sets the stage for how you envision one of your home's most used spaces. We recommend choosing colors, patterns and designs you have always loved to ensure you will never tire of the features you choose. Tiles behind the stove should not only be durable but also beautiful, adding character to any kitchen. This image shows 2" x 8" tiles in our Northshore glaze, with Coco Moon liners. The mural features a beautifully hand-painted Stone Hollow Tile surrounded by 3" x 3" field tiles. 

Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography

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The Vermont

This Arts & Crafts monochromatic Pesto matte green kitchen is a classic less is more design. Choosing a single color is a bold way to design your kitchen backsplash.  Use a variety of sizes to add texture to the space, allowing the subtle details of the variations in the glazes to add character. The monochromatic running bone tile backdrop is a fitting complement to this Arts & Crafts kitchen, natural cabinets and ceramics collection.

Installation by Hohn & Hohn Inc
Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography

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The Broadway Kitchen photo

The Broadway Kitchen

Using one color, in this case Oatmeal, in a single size can provide a lot of visual interest, creating a very stunning space. These homeowners chose a running bond pattern for the main field, while using the same tiles in an angled, herringbone pattern, resulting in a fun look, behind the stove. To add some color they chose the Broadway border pattern, tying everything together. 

Installation by Hohn & Hohn Inc

Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography.

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Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash photo

Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash

The home owners wanted a signature, one-of-a-kind, tile mural. Artist Josh Blanc created the work based off another Cosmic Cloud art piece in the studio. The piece was custom made to fit the niche. The handmade field tiles are 2" x 8" glazed in Avocado, Wasabi, Copper Patina, Jade Moss, Hematite and Pesto with Cosmic Cloud accents randomly dispersed throughout the backsplash. 

Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography

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Atomic Bond Mid-century Modern Kitchen photo

Atomic Bond Mid-century Modern Kitchen

Mid-century Modern design is about bold colors and fun design. The homeowners wanted to embellish their original cabinets and hardware of their kitchen. Using Flat Edges' new Atomic Series they chose six colors and intermixed them into this show-stopping kitchen backsplash.  Colors chose included Gunmetal Blue, Chartreuse, Mango, Moonshine, Satin Black and Atomic (orange).  All have a satin matte finish.

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