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The Kitchen is the Where the Action Happens

People tell us that installations using our handmade tile feel original to their home, or that they anchor their newer home into a distinct time and place. Handmade tile has an authenticity and character that adds value to your home and enhances the time you spend in it. Below are many examples of tiled back splashes featuring our tile, Enjoy.

Tile Mural Behind Stove photo

Tile Mural Behind Stove

Choosing a decorative tile to feature in a kitchen sets the stage for how you envision one of your home's most used spaces. We recommend choosing colors, patterns and designs you have always loved to ensure you will never tire of the features you choose. Tiles behind the stove should not only be durable but also beautiful, adding character to any kitchen. This image shows 2" x 8" tiles in our Northshore glaze, with Coco Moon liners. The mural features a beautifully hand-painted Stone Hollow Tile surrounded by 3" x 3" field tiles. 

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Modern Bungalow Random Mix in Subway Tile photo

Modern Bungalow Random Mix in Subway Tile

Updating a kitchen with the bones of a 1904 Bungalow is a very rewarding task. The homeowners created a space that was more welcoming and functional with updated electrical outlets and lighting and handmade features throughout the space. They choose 2x4" Oatmeal tiles with random accents of both Cosmic Spots and colored field tile to create a multi-mix random pattern. 

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On Point Mid Century Kitchen photo

On Point Mid Century Kitchen

Remember when kitchens were fun? Mid-century homes were full of bright rich colors. Americans were looking to create more function kitchen spaces. This newly renovated Mid-century kitchen hits all the right notes for a small kitchen lots of storage, cool lighting, work space and dynamic tiles for the backsplash. 

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Zen Kitchen photo

Zen Kitchen

This expressive kitchen backsplash is a blend of two colors Iridescent Silver and Silver. The home owners loved the Cosmic Flares and wanted Josh to use them in the backsplash. Josh sketched out a series of drawing for the home owners to consider. Then using classic subway 3x6 running bond tile it created quite balance of expressive strokes to create this Asian inspired Arts & Crafts kitchen.

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Mid Century Modern Kitchen photo

Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Clean lines and rich colors make this kitchen stand out as an example of the Mid-Century Modern revival.  The Egg Design Group ordered Copper Patina in 2x8" field tiles. Using a Monochromatic palette and letting the variation of the glaze work its magic, the space gets an aged character. Variation is the key to homes feeling both comfortable and livable. 

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Arts and Crafts Monochromatic Pesto Matte Green Kitchen

Choosing a single color is a bold way to design your kitchen backsplash. Use a variety of sizes to add texture to the space, allowing the subtle details of the variations in the glazes to add character. The monochromatic tile backdrop is a fitting complement to this Arts & Crafts kitchen, cabinets and ceramics collection.

Installation by Hohn & Hohn Inc

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Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash photo

Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash

The home owners wanted a signature, one-of-a-kind, tile mural. Artist Josh Blanc created the work based off another Cosmic Cloud art piece in the studio. The piece was custom made to fit the niche. The handmade field tiles are 2" x 8" glazed in Avocado, Wasabi, Copper Patina, Jade Moss, Hematite and Pesto with Cosmic Cloud accents randomly dispersed throughout the backsplash. 

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Zig Zag with One Inch Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash photo

Zig Zag with One Inch Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

This fabulous pattern we call Zig Zags is really a simple 4" x 4" tile with two clipped corners to allow for accent mosaics to be inserted.  This home owner went with Oatmeal for the main field of Zig Zags and chose over 20 mosaic colors to be interspersed throughout the design. The Zig Zags have a great optical illusion to the pattern so depending on your view point they give you new design to ponder. 

Installation by Hohn and Hohn Inc

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