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The Belmont Fireplace photo

The Belmont Fireplace

The American Bungalow style projects how Americans live the good life.  We love comfortable spaces that give us time to reflect and enjoy our homes and family. This Bungalow Fireplace with Hearth Design we call The Belmont hits all the right notes with a stately facade using 2" x 4" tiles as the main field with bands of of 1x1" mosaics and 2x2", 2x6"across the top. The customers used the hearth to make a wonderful design to say hello as the viewer comes to get warm. Colors used Pesto, Butterscotch and Nutmeg.

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Arts & Crafts Tile Fireplace Showcase photo

Arts & Crafts Tile Fireplace Showcase

This tiled fireplace is in the brand new showroom for Castle Building & Remodeling, Inc at 2600 Johnson St NE. Designed by Katie Jaydan ASID Interior Designer. She chose 2" x 4" Avocado Field Tile to make the fireplace the center piece of this beautiful room.

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Stacked Tile Arts & Crafts Fireplace photo

Stacked Tile Arts & Crafts Fireplace

Using a square format tile in a stacked pattern can give a tile project a clean lines look. The main field tile are 4" x 4" in our Truffle glaze. The home owner chose two 4" x 4" Acorn accent tiles by Stone Hollow Tile in the corners of the fireplace. This a classic look for Arts & Crafts fireplaces. 

Herringbone Arts & Crafts Fireplace photo

Herringbone Arts & Crafts Fireplace

The herringbone pattern is a wonderfully mesmerising pattern. It is a simple concept of using the same size tile but turning them on edge of each other. Herringbone is a classic design dating back to the Roman period. If you want a design that will last the test of time you cannot go wrong with a herringbone pattern. This family used our Pesto in a 2" x 4" tile. The amazing Jan Hohn of Hohn and Hohn was the tile setter.

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Chic Wasabi Fireplace photo

Chic Wasabi Fireplace

The range of our handmade tile application are wonderful to see. Our tiles fit not only in older homes but more conteporary setting too. This chic application of 2x6" Wasabi for this fireplace hits all the right notes of this interior.

"Needless to say we are delighted by the texture and color pop your tiles provide to our home. I was very pleased to find you and your wonderful tile." Faye from NY

Victorian Style Fireplace with Peacock Tiles photo

Victorian Style Fireplace with Peacock Tiles

Fireplace tile projects don't usually require a lot of tiles 6 - 30 square feet is common. So why not have some fun! We made this fireplace for Woodland Stoves & Fireplaces showroom in South Minneapolis. Using 1x3" tiles on the facade in two colors in Forest Green and Aurora Borealis. On the hearth they wanted our peacock tiles all done in Aurora Borealis. Lots of style low cost. Most fireplaces range from $400 - $1200. If you are thinking about a fireplace for you home check out our Planning for Fireplaces page.

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Cosmics Over Modern Fireplace photo

Cosmics Over Modern Fireplace

Placing art over fireplaces has been in vogue for as long as people have been enjoying thier fireplaces. Contemporary fireplaces have been expanding the idea of the look and feel of fire with a more modern and sleak look. Cosmic Clouds and Cosmic Spots are a perfect fit for spaces like this.  Pick your cosmics for your space

Pick your Cosmic Spot

Pick your Cosmic Cloud

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Pesto Arts & Crafts Fireplace photo

Pesto Arts & Crafts Fireplace

Classic Arts & Crafts spaces were designed and built with the philosophy that one should let the materials used not be embellished, they are beautiful in their natural state. The home owner had a wonderfully intact living room but with a fireplace that had been redone in the 1980's. They picked 3" x 6" Pesto with a custom key center piece. The fireplace sets the tone for the rest of the room inviting guests and the home owner to come closer and enjoy the space to its fullest. 

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Arts and Crafts Fireplace “au Canada” photo

Arts and Crafts Fireplace “au Canada”

This fabulous fireplace was commissioned by the Putre family. Made with just simple shapes 2x4 and 4x4 into a basket weave pattern it makes a elegant stated fireplace with a beautiful quarter sawn oak mantle made by the homeowner.

Colors chosen
Pesto and Ginger Snaps

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