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Medieval Floral Tile Fireplace photo

Medieval Floral Tile Fireplace

One of Clay Squared's first fireplaces, Designed by David Heide Design. Special size bricks were designed to fit the space and custom colored medieval floral tiles are the accents. 

Make it Today Fireplace photo

Make it Today Fireplace

As Americans we love instant gratification. Clay Squared is there for you with thousands of tiles in stock. You can come in and find tiles for your fireplace, kitchen and bathroom. Designer Lynne Stryker of Spaces into Places, a long time fan of Clay Squared, had the creative urge to work on her own fireplace, came in recently and picked out all of her tiles for her fireplace and made it happen. Stop in when you are insprired and see what you can create.

Arts and Crafts Green Fireplace photo

Arts and Crafts Green Fireplace

This Arts and Crafts green fireplace with leaf accents was is one of three projects Clay Squared did for the Thene family. When remodeling their bungalow house the couple wanted to keep with the period of the home. Using Avocado Green matches much of the matte greens used in the early 1900's and Clay Squared leaf tiles as accents really made this fireplace come alive.

McDill Fireplace photo

McDill Fireplace

Commissioned by McDill's family this is one of three projects done for their house in Grand Junction, Colorado. This fireplace is a great example of simple field tile turned on point and great color choices to make a fireplace stand out. A project like this is under $200!

Medieval Fireplace photo

Medieval Fireplace

Fireplaces are unique spaces in a home that allow homeowners to add character and style to their enviroment. This Medieval inspired fireplace just beckons you to come closer and read some books from a time long ago. There is a colaboration of handmade tiles and commercial tiles being utilzed in this installation. Josh made the trim that looks like branches and the arched trim around the accent tiles creating the winding framing in and out of the round accents. The white is accually all grout made by master tile setter Jan Hohn of Hohn & Hohn Inc. who does a number of our installations for clients.

Arts & Crafts Multi Green Fireplace on Point photo

Arts & Crafts Multi Green Fireplace on Point

A beautiful mixture of three shades of green 4" x 4" tiles, turned on point, can make a dramatic presence to any fireplace. Using the variation of the three colors, the clients arranged the tiles to draw the viewer's eye throughout the piece. Colors choosen, Avocado, Copper Patina and Pesto

Mosaic Fireplace photo

Mosaic Fireplace

This one-of-a-kind fireplace was a collaboration between Josh Blanc and Sheryl Tuorila. Sheryl made her signature Zen mosaics that weave through the fireplace. Josh made the Gingersnaps field tiles that were cut while the clay was wet to fit around Sheryl's puzzle mosaics. Talented tile setter Brad King, a recent transplant from San Francisco, set the tiles.

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