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Fireplace Tiles are the Heart and Soul of your Home

Besides being the heart of the home, the fireplace is considered one of the home’s major interior architectural features and can set both the mood and the style of a room. Whether starting from scratch or modifying an existing fireplace, taking the time to learn about fireplaces, both past and present, will give you the guidance to determine what style will best fit your home and you.

“The Nokomis” fireplace photo

“The Nokomis” fireplace

Using two different handmade tile sizes is a great way to add style to a monochromatic fireplace design. White Crane Design:Build commissioned this Copper Patina dynamite fireplace we call The Nokomis. They designed the fireplace using one color in two sizes, 3" x 3" and 1" x 2", to  create a simple and timeless look.  The Copper Patina variation adds highlights to draw the viewer in. Designer Donella Olson of White Crane Design:Build used 1" x 2" tiles to create a sense of movement around the facade and hearth. 

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The Mission Fireplace photo

The Mission Fireplace

Larger living rooms need a centering piece of architecture for the space to feel comfortable. Large fireplaces set the stage for the type of activities that will take place. This fireplace has two main features the 3x8" Aurora Borealis field tile and two custom stain glass tile mosaic accents flanking both the left and right legs of this Mission Style fireplace. Since the room is large a larger tile can be used to fit the scale of the space. It has a great presence in the space.

Tile Setter Hohn & Hohn Inc

Photography by Sarah Whiting Photography

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Prairie Arts & Crafts Fireplace photo

Prairie Arts & Crafts Fireplace

We worked with a home's original accents and design elements in this fireplace restoration. The family loved their stainglass windows and wanted to emulate the glass's prairie flowers with our custom tile. Josh worked with Spaces into Places, Lynne Stryker and Clay Borne Tile to create this Arts & Crafts fireplace splendor. 

Colors chosen: Pesto 4x6"
Hearth - Jade Moss and trim
Prairie Flowers - Truffle, Gingersnaps and Jade Moss

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The Hawthorn in Jade Moss photo

The Hawthorn in Jade Moss

Jade Moss glaze is a dark mottled Arts & Crafts glaze that makes a space feel centered in the room. The Hawthorn designed fireplace has three distinct features, a 2x4 running bond pattern for the facade, two Medieval Floral tiles as accents in the corners and the L trim to turn the corner. The L trim give the fireplace a stately archetecural look.  Colors chosen Pesto and Jade Moss.

Installed by Mill City Builders
Fireplace place from Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces

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Lone Star Chic Fireplace photo

Lone Star Chic Fireplace

Sharp contrast of the Oatmeal 2x4 field with 4" x 4" Medieval Floral tiles with a beautiful dark stained mantel make the tiles even more eye catching. The three Medieval Floral tiles balance the fireplace. 

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Colorado Four Sided Fireplace photo

Colorado Four Sided Fireplace

A four sided fireplace is center piece of a room. They demand attention and you should give your guests and yourselves a treat. This client wanted to incorporate the Colorado landscape and colors in the tile design. I took a number of photos of the trees local to their environment in the mountains. Bristlecone pine are very expressive and made for a wonderful design reference. Contact Josh if you want a customized tile project to talk about options and the process.

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Accent Tile Fireplace photo

Accent Tile Fireplace

Working in accent tiles to your tiled fireplace allows the home owner to customize their space and add art to a permant architecutral element. This Arts & Crafts inspired fireplace was a colaboration with Fay Day Jones accent tile and Clay Squared handmade tile. Fay Day Jones makes wonderful in Alpine, Oregon. Many fine details were incorporated in this fireplace to give it that extra touch that takes it to the next level. You might notice the clipped corner tiles going up the legs of the fireplace. The custom corner tile wrapping around the corners of the insert. All these details are hallmarks of using handcrafted materials and artisans. 

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Wide Format Wasabi Fireplace photo

Wide Format Wasabi Fireplace

Love the width of this fireplace, it is so comfortable and inviting. This was an all Minneapolis local sourced project starting with Clay Squared's Wasabi glazed subway tiles Arts & Crafts fireplace. The wood mantel was made by Prairie Woodworking. The photo was taken by Margaret Pezalla-Granlund. Martin Dekker of Profile Builders Remodels installed the tile. Woodland Stove & Fireplaces provided the Valor gas fireplace insert.

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