Ceramic Tiles

Classic Subway Bathroom photo

Classic Subway Bathroom

Subway tiles were all the rage in the turn of the 20th Century and have come back in the turn of the 21st Century. Classic white 2x8" in our Marshmallow is really sharp. We made all of the tiles for the floor 1" x 2" herringbone, the shoe base, subway tiles, and cap, all in Marshmallow. We worked with architect Paul Ormseth. Photography by Rolf Hagberg


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Peacock Bathroom Floor Tile photo

Peacock Bathroom Floor Tile

These peacock floor tiles are in an elegant French powder room in Minneapolis. Chris Webber designed the pattern that was used in this installation. Each shaped tile is individually made with a custom cookie cutter.  This shape has been called a scallop, scales or peacock tile and has been used in tile installations for thousands of years. 

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Bathroom Floor Mix and Match Grid photo

Bathroom Floor Mix and Match Grid

Color is a great way to add style to any project. Many bathroom projects require a lot of tile. Mixing and matching commerical tile with handmade tile can be a great way to keep cost down and get a dynamic design. In this bathroom remodel the home owners chose a 18" x 18" commercial field tile as their main field then choosing the 18 colors from Clay Squared to Infinity line. Click here to see them all!

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Bathroom Tile backsplash with Oval Mirror

A simple bathroom tile backsplash adds some spice to any room at a very reasonable cost. A project like this is of 2 square feet of tiles in a variety of colors cost under $100! 

2" x 2" Colors Chosen

510r Ginger Snaps
609r Goldenrod
620r Nutmeg
610r Coco Moon
617r Oatmeal
511r Truffle

Tile Accents for the Bathroom Floor

A great way to add flair to any tile in the bathroom is to put in Cosmic Spots. Spots on point and voila every morning you achieve cosmic happiness.






Zig Zag Floor Tile photo

Zig Zag Floor Tile

Zig Zag tile design is 4" x 4" with Hematite inserts. The 4" base cove in Avocado. Zig Zags are one of our newest design patterns. Chris Webber had been playing around during the past two winters with the pattern and came up with a winner. They have a great optical illusion to the pattern so depending on your view point they give you new design to ponder. 

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Bathroom Trim Tile photo

Bathroom Trim Tile

This bathroom trim was is one of three projects Clay Squared did for the Thene home. A simple trim of Cosmic Spots and 1" x 1" mosaics is always a nice way to break up white tiles.

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Zen Tile in Bathroom photo

Zen Tile in Bathroom

Who can not use a little Zen on a Monday Morning to get ready for the week. This playful use of Cosmic Spots randomly places throughout the space is an excellent example of tying round elements (the mirror, sink, tub and spots) through out the bathroom.

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