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Bringing Style to the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in a home. Ceramic tiles have been a favorite for bathrooms for thousands of years, not only for their functional use and easy to clean properties, but also for the sense of style and character they offer. Water, serenity, color, pattern and other themes play a part in bathroom design. Below are some great examples of what homeowners have done with our tile. Contact us if you have questions; we will help you achieve your dream bathroom.

Hex and Star Bathroom photo

Hex and Star Bathroom

Tile shapes offer a vast opportunity to play with patterns. Hexagons combined with star tiles form intricate designs as well as optical illusions. This pattern was inspired by historic geometric Islamic designs. Mixing and matching colors will help your home come to life. We offer three sizes of star and hexagon patterns in all of our field tile colors.


Tile Setter - Reuter Quality Tile
Architect - Rehkamp Larson Architects
Photographer - Kory Reckinger
Interior Design - Martha Dayton Design 

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Silver Multimix Bathroom Floor photo

Silver Multimix Bathroom Floor

An Asian style half bath is a chance to be a show stopper. Great wallpaper with a multimix mosaic in Silver creates a stunning space. 1x1", 1x2" and 2x2" tiles were used. 


Tile Setter - Reuter Quality Tile

Architect - Rehkamp Larson Architects

Photographer - Kory Reckinger

Interior Design - Martha Dayton Design 

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Art Deco Kiwi Bathroom photo

Art Deco Kiwi Bathroom

Art Deco style is typically full of rich and contrasting colors. This bathroom showcases historic colors (Kiwi and Black) and sizes from the Mid-Century series by B & W Tiles. Using a running bond pattern, instead of a stacked design, makes this space more dynamic. The framed shower niche is a great addition to any bathroom space.  Click here to read the homeowner's testimonal

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Blueberry Subway Nirvana Bathroom photo

Blueberry Subway Nirvana Bathroom

Deep color creates a very soothing atmosphere. This Blueberry subway shower from our historic Mid-Century tile series, with accents of our handmade 2" tiles en pointe, showcase how rich a space can be. This small bathroom was well thought out, adding to the functional needs of the shower with the incorporation of a niche and safety grab bar. The floor is made up of 2" unglazed porcelain hex tiles with random accents of blue throughout the space. Small accents can turn the ordinary into extraordinary! 

Tile contractor Centerline Tile & Stone
Builder J&D Builders

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Small Blue Bathroom Gem photo

Small Blue Bathroom Gem

Using deep captivating color in a bathroom will put a smile on your face every day. Variation in the glazes gives the eye lots of enjoyment. The field tile used was Robins Egg in 3" x 6" subway tiles. Josh created Cosmic Cloud Planets using circle cookie cutters to make the striking focal points. Placement of accent tiles are key to a successful design. The Cosmic Planets are positioned in areas that the homeowner can't miss: behind the sink, at eye level in the shower and scattered carefully to draw the eye around the bathroom, adding more fun to the space. 

Installation by Hohn & Hohn Inc

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Jade Waterfall Shower photo

Jade Waterfall Shower

Taking a shower in a deep Jade Green tiled room (from the Mid-century historic series) is a luscious experience. Josh worked with the homeowner to create a stunning design effect at a low cost.  Thin pencil liners (3/4" x 6") in a mix of Jade Moss and Avocado make up the cascading mosaic under the shower head and faucet. 

Installation by Metropolis Construction

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Skyline Mid-Century Bathroom photo

Skyline Mid-Century Bathroom

Mixing historic, Mid-century Skyline 3" x 6" subway tiles with Clay Squared's Copper Patina liners and 1" x 2" herringbone pattern floor tiles creates a stunning Mid-century Modern look. The homeowners added Cosmic Clouds and Cosmic Spots for more flavor. 

Installation by Metropolis Construction

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Eastside Coop Bathrooms photo

Eastside Coop Bathrooms

This is one of the most expressive bathrooms we have ever made-- and we got to create three of them! Two are gender neutral; the third is a family bathroom. Each had a double strip of focal tiles going behind the sinks in three different Cosmic Cloud designs:  Cloud Moon, Milky Way Mint and Andromeda. The family bathroom has a nursing area as well as a large 10' x 5' mural in Andromeda. Bathrooms you can personally check out, first hand, at the Eastside Coop at 2551 Central Avenue NE. If you're in the area, stop by and see the Cosmic Cloud installations, in person.

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