Ceramic Tiles

Cosmic 9 photo

Cosmic 9

This series of Cosmic mural tiles was custom ordered. The homeowners loved the Cosmic Spots and Lines as the main focus. They asked Josh to work in reds, greens, purples and metalics to create a piece for their home. The homeowners liked the traditional Cosmic Spots and Galaxies but were more interested in some experimental, one-of-a-kind designs they found in the Clay Squared gallery. They asked Josh to work from those designs, made bigger, to fit with the other 12" x 12" tiles they were having made. Once in place, this space seems made for this Cosmic Mural.

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Cosmic Murals photo

Cosmic Murals

Cosmic Murals are inspired by astronomical images, weather phenomena, satellite images of Earth, factory smoke, botanical forms, and other environmental occurrences.  Murals are available ready for purchase or as commissions, created specifically for your space. Contact Josh for more info.  

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Cosmic Orbs photo

Cosmic Orbs

Cosmic Orbs are round or oval, multi-sectional pieces that interconnect. Many reveal dual shapes through the resulting negative space. 

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The Cosmic Collection photo

The Cosmic Collection

Each tile in The Cosmic Collection™ can stand alone as a piece of art, but when these concepts are brought together in a mural, they completely transform a space. Artist Josh Blanc takes inspiration from the natural world, art, and his travels to create these one-of-a-kind installations. The separate pieces are glazed as a group, numbered, fired, then reassembled.
Installed, these expressive works become irresistible gathering places.

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Mixed Grouping of Cosmic Clouds and Spots photo

Mixed Grouping of Cosmic Clouds and Spots

Cosmic Clouds
n. a visible collection of particles of water or ice suspended in the air

Cosmic Clouds are the most organic concept of The Cosmic Collection. Mixtures of two to ten colors can be incorporated into one tile. Some designs feel continuous and link together while others create one-of-a-kind imagery. The objective is to allow the glaze freedom to make organic patterns and designs which evoke emotional and creative responses to the work.

No two Cosmic Clouds are alike. Create your own groupings of Cosmic Clouds as a stunning display for your environment.

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Cosmic Spot Wall photo

Cosmic Spot Wall

Cosmic Spots are bold designed groupings. Each one has a unique character to them. Some spots are in the middle, some are off center.  Most have cool reactions that create halo effects when two glazes touch each other.

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Cosmics Over Modern Fireplace photo

Cosmics Over Modern Fireplace

Placing art over fireplaces has been in vogue for as long as people have been enjoying thier fireplaces. Contemporary fireplaces have been expanding the idea of the look and feel of fire with a more modern and sleak look. Cosmic Clouds and Cosmic Spots are a perfect fit for spaces like this.  Pick your cosmics for your space

Pick your Cosmic Spot

Pick your Cosmic Cloud

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Cosmic Trees photo

Cosmic Trees

The Cosmic Tree grows out of experimentation with vertical shapes and sizes. The Cosmic Tree is designed as a continuous piece of art connected by line or patterns. The vertical design of the Cosmic Tree allows for placement in stair wells and other vertical spaces. Many sizes and color combination are possible.

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Olivet Church Cosmic Mural photo

Olivet Church Cosmic Mural

Olivet Church contacted Josh after seeing him profiled in Midwest Home Magazine. Olivet was looking to add a large piece of art work that represented the church. After coming to Clay Squared to Infinity they discussed making a piece that had elements of the church.

Josh went on site and photographed the building and learn the history of the building. Josh utilized the architectural elements through out the building with grape vines carved out of the eaves, stain glass window patterns, the amazing wooden organ pipes, the metalwork around the building.

The congregation was allowed to choose from over 60 pieces and select the 48 final pieces. Each of the tiles were paid for by congregational members to finance the project. Many of the tiles were given as gifts to the church.

The concept of the piece for Josh was to allow the viewers as they came into the meeting space to view the work not as a static image but with the concept that every day is different and when you view the large array of designs it will lead you to new ideas and reflections.

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