Michael Flora

Michael Flora is from California and recently moved here.He is a master tea connoisseur and has traveled to China to study tea. We have tested him and he really knows his tea leaves. Needless to say we have lots of tea breaks now...well a few more than before... and some with cookies. Yes, we have it hard here at Clay Squared but someone has to do it, so it might as well be us. But you are all invited to come anytime and hang out, read some of our tile library, talk tile (or tea) and check out Michael's fabulous California accent. Also check out Michael's musical talents. He is a uber contemporary musician using sounds and computers to create his music. Click here to hear his work of Nada.

Chris Madsen

Chris Madsen is our organizer and finisher! Chris loves to organize and keep us on track. This is a very helpful skill around Clay Squared to Infinity since Layl and Josh are like small tornados making messes as we create. She labels and prices all of the work around the shop, ships tiles and polymer clay sculptures and Silly Millies all over the country and the world. It is her finishing touches that make us look so professional and smart. 

Fiona Johnston

Fiona, our newest "Padawan," has been making ceramics for many years, through high school. She currently studies at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, getting her associates degree while she hones her artisan skills in local, Northeast Minneapolis Arts District studios. Her perfered title at the studio is "Intergalactic Enforcer." Check out her amazing skills at foosball next time you are in (hint: she can blast shot so hard it will knock your socks off!).